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9 Natural Ingredients To Boost Your Immune System

September 17, 2020 4 min read

9 Natural Ingredients To Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system, which is a network of cells, tissues, and organs, helps guard against infection and disease. The strength of your immune system is a function of a variety of factors from hydration, to exercise, and most importantly diet. 

In this article we’ll go through just a few of the many nutrients that can help set you up to fight off illnesses. In addition, we’ll recommend products to help make sure you’re stocked up and ready for battle when an infection inevitably hits

1. Elderberry Flower Extract

The elderberry has been known to treat a variety of complications that come as a result of disease and infection. From swollen sinuses, to the common cold, and influenza the elderberry is a jack of all trades when it comes to fighting symptoms and removing harmful cells from the body. It does so by increasing urine production, sweating, and serving as a basically an antiviral laxative.

Elderberry Flower Extract can be purchased on Amazon for $14.97 or it can be found in Nuvana’s Shield combined with a variety of other immune system boosting ingredients for $19.99.

2. Vitamin C

It’s no secret that Vitamin C has some pretty great preventative capabilities when it comes to disease and infection. What you might not know, however, is how it has garnered such an illustrious title among the nutrients that boost immune systems.
Vitamin C helps boost the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, helps white blood cells function more effectively and protecting them from free radicals, and strengthens skin as an antioxidant which is our first barrier to disease.

3. Vitamin E

While Vitamin E might not have as complex of an impact on immunity it is the first line of defense against lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is the oxidative degradation of lipids when free radicals take electrons from the cell membranes and as a result damage the cells.

Vitamin E can be purchased on Amazon for $11.16 or found in green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, and more.

4. Zinc

Zinc, especially in combination with Vitamin C, which can also be found in Nuvana’s Shield, has shown effectiveness in fighting infections and viral diseases. Zinc does so by being lured into key cells that are first-responders fighting against infection.

Zinc can be purchased on Amazon for around $10.49 but taken by itself won’t provide the total package in the fight against disease.

5. Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant that lowers oxidative stress in the body. By lowering oxidative stress, inflammation is reduced and immunity will be strengthened. Selenium can be found in whole grains, sunflower seeds, seafood, and more as well as raw supplements on Amazon for $10.95. 


Chaga serves as a stimulant for white blood cells which are cells that search, find, and attack intruding disease/infective cells and as a result help the body fight against minor to severe illnesses and overall beef up the immune system. Chaga is a mushroom which can be found powdered in supplements.

While it is hard to find it powered by itself, check out Shield by Nuvana, which combines Chaga with the other natural ingredients we talk about in this article. 

7. Maitake

These mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and other disease fighting ingredients which help pack your body with the necessary nutrients to fuel the immune system. Combined with the right blend of other vitamins and mushroom supplements, Maitake helps ensure your systems are set and ready to take on illnesses from mild to severe and everything in between.

You can find Maitake supplements on Amazon in the $10-15 range.

8. Cordyceps

Cordyceps play a bit of a different role in immunity than the other ingredients listed above. It works to balance immunity, boosting it while it might be underfunctioning and slowing down the production and activity of white blood cells when it might be functioning too highly. It is important to understand that a well-balanced immune system is vital in fighting infection efficiently and effectively.

Cordyceps can be found on Amazon in supplement form in the $12-15 range, or get it combined with other natural immunity boosters found in this article for just $19.99.  

9. Reishi

Reishi is another mushroom that has been known to positively impact the immune response. This mushroom has calming properties that aid in sleep, reduce anxiety, and more thanks to the compound triterpene. As an added bonus, the Reishi mushroom has proven to be capable of reducing high blood pressure further strengthening its resume as an all around health boosting supplement. You can find Reishi in immune boosting supplements, such as Nuvana’s Shield, combined with other ingredients for just $19.99, or by itself on Amazon in the range of $15-20.

Some of you might be interested in a perfectly balanced diet, counting every macro, and taking twelve different pills every morning for your immune system alone, but for others there’s an alternative. Shield by Nuvana, combines all of the ingredients listed and broken down above into a serving of two pills for immune system strength.

At $19.99 and under $1.00 per serving it seems like a no brainer if you have any interest in setting your immune system up for success. Coming into contact with disease and infection is inevitable, but how prepared your body is to fight it is for you to control. 

Ike Pyun
Ike Pyun

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