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Review for Turmeric - Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant

I have been having a lot of joint pain that seems likely related to sciatica. To combat this I had been taking more OTC pain relievers than seems healthy, despite their comparative effectiveness. In doing some research about other, more natural pain reliving agents I came across several articles recommending turmeric as a potentially effective natural solution. Continued research uncovered Nuvana’s Turmeric formulation. I gave this a try and actually believe that I have experienced significant pain relief that has also allowed me to mostly eliminate my dependence upon the OTC analgesics for relief. I am a believer in the potential of natural products having researched them as a pharmaceutical research scientist, though I always remain skeptical about claims without experimentally derived evidence. I have started the experiment myself with Nuvana’s Turmeric and my initial results have been encouraging enough that I will continue with a

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